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For over 130 years, electrolysis has been and remains the only 100% recognised permanent hair removal method.  This technique permanently destroys germinative cells responsible for hair growth by the insertion of a fine probe in the hair follicle and the application of a current which may be adjusted to the type of hair and the area to be treated.

Treatment plans can vary greatly, with initial treatment session times of as little as 10 minutes for say the upper lip area to as much as 2 or even 4 hours depending on the size of the treatment area and hair density, and of course the urgency in which the client wishes the area to be cleared of hairs.  The sessions would be initially, depending on the individuals needs/requirements, at anything from several times per week to more commonly at 1-2 week intervals. 

All treatment times and session durations will reduce over time as the treatments are progressive i.e. each individual hair usually requires more than one treatment, with successive treatments producing finer and weaker hairs, visible improvements should be noticeable fairly quickly. 

If the client wishes, shorter treatment sessions can still achieve excellent results where the electrologist will target smaller sections of the treatment area, gradually clearing it over a longer period of time to achieve the desired result.  This has the benefit of making treatment more affordable by spreading the cost of treatment, whilst remaining practical & effective. 

The overall time taken to achieve the clients desired result is very much dependant on how aggressive they choose to be with their treatment plan. However it is important to remember that permanent hair removal even from a relatively small area will take time, several weeks or months depending on the individual. 

The minimum growth cycle of a hair takes approx 4-6 weeks depending on the area to be treated, other area growth cycles 6-8 weeks.



Modern society makes us all much more body conscience with the existence of hair in quite normal places such as the under arms and the bikini area being undesirable for most women. 

Unfortunately these areas are not the only ones where help is often required.

Throughout life our bodies change, hormonal imbalances can cause superfluous hair growth in areas such as commonly, the lip and chin. 

With the pressures modern society places on women, coupled with the fact we have such busy lives these days, have led us to seek a permanent solution to unwanted body hair. 

With the technology of the Sterex sxb it is possible to have underarms free of hair or that permanent Brazilian! Even the legs, wherever you wish, and all painlessly. 

Most people describe the sensation of electrolysis as warm tingling feeling normally being felt, some areas & people are more sensitive than others, also at different times during a women’s menstrual cycle pain thresholds can be different,  but differing techniques can be used to ensure maximum comfort is ensured at all times.


Modern culture means that many men are now seeking permanent hair removal. Some for sporting purposes others for aesthetic reasons.  For some time many men have visited beauty salons to have their backs waxed for instance, this area being almost impossible to do themselves.  Other areas that are often treated are the chest, lower abdomen and legs. 

Unfortunately the male hair growth pattern is usually thick, strong and deep rooted.  Waxing and shaving is not only painful and temporary but can often be uncomfortable due to in growing hairs and the from the stubble which results from re-growth.

More and more men are turning to permanent hair removal using the tried and tested method of electrolysis, however the removal of beard and body hair can be a lengthy process, but Isis clinic will tailor an individual treatment plan for you.

Unwanted hair is extremely distressing and a very sensitive subject for transsexual/ transgender people, permanent hair removal is of paramount importance & life changing. 

Although much of the hair growth pattern caused by androgens is dealt with or reduced by hormone therapy, there are two main problem areas which usually remain.  The first significant area is the facial area, many are seduced by laser/IPL with the promise of quick, permanent results, for the minority this may be achieved, and is largely dependent on skin and hair colour. 

For the vast majority a significant amount of hair will remain which can only be treated with electrolysis. Unfortunately however, most of these people will have wasted huge amounts of time and money, and may well have caused themselves skin damage, before realising that electrolysis is the only answer for the result that they desire. 

Electrolysis allows for far more control over the results that can be achieved.  The natal woman has soft downy hair in place of where male sideburns are, it is possible by partially epilating the hair in this area to produce a more natural look, instead of removing all of the hair which would look unnatural, and therefore an undesirable result.

The other significant area of hair removal that needs to be attended to for the pre operative transsexual is the permanent removal of hair from the genital area.  This needs to be done as timely as possible in order that surgery isn’t delayed any more than is necessary.

Even with the most aggressive of treatment plans this is likely to take in the region of 4 months, so it’s best to start treatment early. Isis Clinic will liaise with your G P to ensure all requirements are met, and that it’s appropriate to proceed with treatment. 

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What does ThermaVein do?

ThermaVein offers the instant, safe and permanent removal of facial veins, medically referred to as "telangiectasia". There are a variety of more commonly used names to include thread veins, spider veins, rosacea, vascular blemishes and spider naevi

We have developed ThermaVein in collaboration with Dr Brian Newman M.D., FRCS the pioneer of a process called "thermocoagulation". This process is not IPL, Laser or Epilation - all of which are alternatives used to treat the condition with varying results and a range of unpleasant side effects. Our treatment offers consistent results, no known-side effects and the highest safety rating - this makes us the natural choice for businesses and consumers alike

We strongly believe that our exclusive technology is the safest and most effective available. The technology has existed within the medical industry for almost 15 years, without issue and is backed by clinical trials.

Already thousands of successful treatments have been completed worldwide, the unique process is acclaimed by international industry experts. After years of operating solely within the medical industry we are now proud to bring a simple and cost effective treatment to the wider public - simply called ThermaVein

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From ancient times to the present day, working on the feet and hands has been used by humankind as a means of maintaining good health & well being.  Among the world’s oldest depictions of Reflexology being used in medical practise were those found in Egypt, dating back to the 6th Dynasty, 2330 BC, these were discovered at the tomb of the Physician  in Saqqara as well as many others.

Reflexology is the application of pressure techniques to the hands and feet to affect another part of the body.  These techniques stimulate pressure sensors, triggering relaxation response throughout the body.  Reflexology encourages good health, promoting relaxation, easing pain, preventing disease, and improving quality of life.

For instance: Pressure to the feet tells the brain that the jogger is running.  Reflexology is weightless jogging, exercising similar pressure receptors without the demands of standing and weight bearing. These sensors in the feet communicate instantly with the brain, internal organs, and other parts of the body.

Reflexologists use zone charts & foot maps to help them locate areas on the hands & feet that correspond to different parts of the body. 

The body is divided into 10 zones & 4 lateral zones. The positive benefits of reflexology are demonstrated by research. 

Reflexology research shows that it achieves results, improving body function, enhancing the effectiveness of medication, aiding recovery from illness or surgery, and alleviating pain & other symptoms.  Reflexology can be practised on individuals of all ages.

Rachel is qualified as a Reflexologist to level 3 Diploma

Reflexology: £39 which includes free consultation.

A course of reflexology treatments is beneficial and advisable.

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A Consultation prior to any treatment is free & required

Progressive Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis epilation all methods including blend

*Please note a 15 minute patch test is required if receiving electrolysis for the first time & this will be charged at £20 as per 15 minute session.

  • 5 minutes..........£10
  • 15 minutes........£20
  • 30 minutes........£35
  • 1 hour................£60


*please note costs will vary depending on the time needed to treat individual cases; however this can be discussed at the time of consultation. All the following treatments will be charged at the same rates below. If a patch test is required/desired this will be charged at £30

Facial thread veins (Telangiecstasia) removal          

Blood spots

Spider Naevi

Skin tags


  • 5 minutes.............£40
  • 15 minutes...........£75
  • 30 minutes.........£135
  • 1 hour.................£250




*Please try to give at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations.  Isis Clinic reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours.

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